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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

US Supreme Court Denies Justice for Mark McPhail

This is just beyond ridiculous and makes me sick. Once again Troy Anthony Davis' legal team and Amnesty International have manipulated the system and denied the punishment that was set down by a jury of Davis' peers over 18 years ago...

My heart breaks for the McPhail family. My head aches when I think of this case becoming another Free Mumia cause du-jour for the anti-death penalty zealots.

It's a shame that Officer Mark McPhail was not given the opportunity to plea for his life. It's kinda hard to do that when a punk thug shoots you point blank in the face.


If you want to read the facts about this case, go to my first blog post on this case and click on the links. The claptrap in the media is simply a regurgitation of the Amnesty International and ACLU press releases.

Since the media is publishing photos of the murderer to go along with their stories, I am publishing a photo of the victim - Office Mark Allan McPhail.

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