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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You've Awakened a Sleeping Giant... UPDATED

I've been seething with anger all day. The fires of anger were stirred this weekend with the KOS kidz nasty attacks against Gov Sarah Palin - claiming that Baby Trigg was really the child of 17 year old Bristol Palin and the Governor faked her pregnancy for a cover story. The outraged claims of "flying while leaking" made against the Governor fanned those flames. But the charcoal lighter fluid was the media and "non-traditional" media comments since the announcement of Bristol's pregnancy and pending nuptials.

You've had your turn - now it's my turn...

Issue #1 - those holier than thou soapbox dwellers decrying the pregnancy of a 17 year old while blythely supporting a woman's right to have her partially born child's brains sucked out for convenience sake.

Issue #2 - the blatant sexism spewed forth from so-called family experts fretting about the delicate balancing act of serving as VP while being a mother to 5 children. This from people who have no problem with doling out $$ to single women who sit on their ass all day while sucking off the government tit and spitting out babies.

Issue #3 - those distributors of condoms and birth control pills to toddlers lamenting the fact that abstinence only education certainly didn't work for the Governor's family. This leads one to believe (1) the commenters were present during the "birds and the bees" talk between mother and daughter, (2) have hidden cameras in all CVS Pharmacies in Alaska to verify whether condoms or birth control pills were not purchased by the young lady or (3) were present during the conception.

Issue #4 - someone without a vagina or MD behind their name making claims about what is proper etiquette when flying on a commercial airline while leaking amniotic fluid

Issue #5 - those who have made pandering a national past-time decrying the pick of a female for VP as "pandering" but had no problem with shilling for the wife of an ex-president.

Issue #6 - the laughable comparison of "experience" for being Vice President when the actual nominee for President on the other side has served less time on the floor of the Senate than any candidate in history.

Issue #7 - claiming that "children are off limits" while refusing to condemn your own damn supporters and money backers who started the smears and continue to bleat their venom.

Issue #8 - the "woe is me-ing" about the vetting process - who the hell vetted Obama? Jeremiah Wright? Tony Rezko? George Soros?

Issue #9 - letting campaign "operatives" make nasty snide comments and then declaring your hands are clean

Issue#10 - releasing private info such as vehicle VIN numbers, SSN and addresses of a VP nominee and then saying "whoopsie - my bad" while keeping a birth certificate hidden with the Ark of the Covenant.

But those making all these things an issue have actually done me a favor, even with the elevated blood pressure. Where I was once a lukewarm McCain supporter - more in the "anyone but Obama" camp - you have turned me into a rabid member of McCain Nation. And rest assured, if this one simple blogger is pissed off - there will be more just like me.

Contrary to what the mainsteam media and far left blogging kooks would have America believe - most Americans have a sense of decency and honor and look upon those that pontificate from an elitist Greek temple with a sense of contempt. And we have a voice that will be used on Election Day. You can bet the entire Obama-nation on that!

Michelle Malkin exposes the bias of US Magazine

Gateway Pundit tracks some of the smears back to Barack "children are off limits" Obama

My alter ego Jonn over at This Ain't Hell sums it up nicely...
There’s no way women are going to tolerate all of this blather and attacks on a mother and her children. Only those barren hags on the Left can "get with" this crap - not the decent American women I know (none of whom live inside the Beltway, by the way). The only people with whom this resonates are the clueless morons in Bethesda and Georgetown who don’t understand how the real world works.

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