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Thursday, November 06, 2008

But BO Said He Was Gonna Take Care Of Me - How I'm Playing the Game

This AM I got a phone call from one of my credit card companies wanting to know why I was a day or two late with my payment. Instead of explaining how I was stretched tight this week due to several bouts of bronchitis this past month, I decide to use the BO Card. Here is what I did (and my husband was sitting right beside me when I did this)...

Credit Card Co - "This is Credit card X and we were wondering why you had not made your payment yet."

Me - "Wait a minute... President Obama told me that he was gonna take care of everything for me so you should call his office for the payment."

Credit Card Co - click

My husband is still laying on the floor in the kitchen laughing.

Yes I am going to make my payment and Yes I know that I'll probably get in trouble with the credit card co but I don't care. It felt good to be such an ass.

Wonder if that will work at the gas station today?

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