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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Racist "Teacher" Berates Soldier's Child in Class For Not Supporting Obama

Want to get really mad? Watch this video of a racist BO supporter -who calls herself a teacher - ridicule a young student who has a Dad in the military because the student said she supports McCain... Link and video courtesy of Pay close attention to the complete and total ignorance of this so-called educator - she can't even pronounce the Messiah's name right.

This is a video of Diantha Harris, a lifelong democrat and avid Barack Obama supporter. She is also a lousy schoolteacher, as is evidenced by the mushmouthed kids in her class. And instead of concentrating on grammar and English, math and science, she abuses and ridicules any child who dares to speak up in support of John McCain. This video is part of a Finnish documentary on Obama fans, and it is shocking that you have to go to a foreign country to learn what goes on in our own classrooms.


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