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Friday, November 07, 2008

No White Bias At the Polls But What About Black Bias?

More white guilt from the Obama-sucking media... According to the AP, there was no "white bias in the polls". Well YIPPEE! Now we can quit hearing all the crap about the "bradley effect" that was used so effectively to feed into the white guilt sheeple.

But buried down deep in the article was this little nugget...

Whites nationally preferred mccain by 12% pts while 95% of blacks back Obama according to exit polls. 7% of whites said race was important in choosing a chandidate and they backed the republican 2-1.

How about a little bit of media coverage about the Black Bias at the polls? Oh wait... that would be racist. I'm waiting to see how Savannah's "lauded" political cartoonist, Mark Streeter, draws BO - especially since he was so found of drawing President Bush with big ears.

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