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Friday, November 21, 2008

Hope & Change Is Code for Clinton Rehash

Little did the sheeple know that when BO was decrying a 3rd Bush term he was essentially planning on a 3rd Clinton Term...

We got Hill as SOS - the Chinese are giving BO a Standing O cause this will give them even more access to the bowels of our government. And the terrorists are shooting their AK47's in the air cause this means more of the Clinton/Obama "law enforcement" treatment of terrorism.

Bill Richardson as Commerce Secretary? Ya just gotta laugh at that one - after his backstab of Hillary you figured that BO owed him something but Commerce Secretary??

Not to mention the other Clintonistas already nominated for positions in "Camelot in the Hood". Of course I do look forward to the grilling of Hillary and the redacted list of donors to Clinton Inc - you know it will be thoroughly scrubbed prior to release to the hearing committee. Ain't no way Bill will give all his little secrets up.

We've got members of Pardongate, Elian Gonzalez-gate and the witch hunt against Clarence Thomas - yeah this is gonna be good... Glad I asked Santa for more guns & ammo and a bomb shelter for Christmas.

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