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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mitch McConnell - Another Clueless Tool in the GOP

I am so sick and tired of these "long-term" GOP Congressmen who shaft the party and then point fingers at everyone else when the election losses mount. Seems Sen Mitch McConnell didn't learn a damn thing from this recent election....

Our members, in one way, are kind of relieved by the departure of an administration that became unpopular and made it very difficult for us to compete," Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell told reporters on Capitol Hill.

No Mitch - what made it difficult for "you" to compete was your obvious lack of spine and your falling on your knees to kiss the asses of the other party. Where were your outraged statements when your fellow congress critters across the aisle took a dump on the President? I don't really recall you standing up for him or your Party. Instead of standing up for the President, you played the "be nice" game and look where it got us. Despite your obvious negative feelings for the President, his approval ratings are still higher than Congress. Now put that in your non-partisan pipe and smoke it buddy.

Take a big ole deep sigh of relief now buster cause you haven't even begun to see difficult - wait till BO gets his coronation and his picks installed in the cabinet. You'll be wishing for the day that you had a Republican in the White House. But then again, RINO's don't really care who is in the White House as long as they get their cushy seat in Congress with all the related perks.

McConnell expressed appreciation that Obama's pick for White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, visited Capitol Hill this week to talk to Republicans ahead of the new Congress convening on January 6, two weeks before Obama is sworn in as president.

Geez Mitch - why didn't you just give him a fat kiss on the lips? "Expressed appreciation" - what kind of jelly-boned statement is that? This is a sign that we are just going to see more of the Republicans bending over to take it from the Dems. GREAT.... Well, we'll see how appreciative you are in a few months.

"I think the new administration is off to a good start," the Kentucky senator said. "They're saying, in my view, all the right things ... that they want to govern in the middle and tackle big things."

How utterly clueless do you have to be to actually believe that crap? Govern in the middle - point out one thing that is considered "governing in the middle"? Bailouts to the auto industry? More entitlements to those who sit on their assess? Abortions at any time during gestation? Govt subsidized health care? If you honestly think that is the middle, then THAT is the problem.

The people in McConnell's district need to start combing the bushes for a real Conservative that will stand up for us instead of this turncoat milquetoast. In the meantime, we will have to let our voices be heard when these career politicians take the easy way out and decide to cave to the other side.

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