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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What Do You Do When Your World Comes to an End?

This morning started out like any other day - coffee first then working from home. Hubby not around but that's not unusual with all his dog training activities. Had a lot of work to get done as I had a MD appt to renew my anti-depressant meds (smart nurse that I am took myself off my meds cause I know better than the docs how to take care of myself). Anyway after hubby came home from his little afternoon jaunts I went downstairs to tell him about my MD appt and got hit with a bombshell that literally rocked my world. A bombshell that compeletely blindsided me ....

My husband of 10 years has decided that he no longer wants to be married. After 10 years, he's decided that he no longer loves me and wants a divorce. He swears there is no one else (yeah right). No amount of begging, tears or yelling made a difference. So.... as soon as I can, I have to find a place to live to get my work equipment set up. That's the number one priority. But it shouldn't take long and then I'll be off and running.

The funny thing is - as upset and shocked as I was at the time - I'm much less so now. What does that mean? Anyway this will free me up for doing some fun things again - things that I was kept from doing by being married.

Look out world - you've got an unmarried red head on the loose.....

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