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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learning Lessons From An 18 Month Old

My 18 month old grandson spent the weekend with me. This was the first time he had spent the night since I moved to my new house. Thank goodness I had the foresight to "toddler proof" the house when I was unpacking the boxes. He was such a doll and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend with him.

We spent a lot of time in my little backyard with the privacy fence. He is definitely an outdoor child. We played chase, ate animal crackers and all sorts of silly things. He used his toy lawnmower to mow my grass and it was hysterical watching him slowly and seriously push the little lawnmower back and forth.

I used the time outside to teach him some new words since he is really starting to jabber now. He loves watching birds fly and almost fell over backwards trying to watch a hawk circling in the sky over the neighborhood. A little sparrow landed in one of the trees in my backyard. The little bird sat there for the longest time - probably hiding from the hawk. I walked Boston over to the tree and pointed to the bird. I thought the child was going to go crazy - he started oowing and jabbering with the most beautiful look of amazement on his face. He talked to the bird and got excited every time the bird moved. When the bird flew to another tree, Boston almost tripped over himself to get to the other tree to see the bird. When the bird finally flew away, Boston stood in my backyard and waved while saying "bye bye" to the bird.

It really hit home to me. How many times have I sat on the patio or on the front porch oblivious to all the little miracles around me? How many times have the birds flown over and I didn't see them? Thanks to the "wisdom" of an 18 month old, I learned to enjoy the little miracles every day. Now I've started sitting on the patio every morning and watching the birds fly around and call to each other. I thank God for all the little miracles that he has given us and to me personally. Ahhh - contentment.
PHOTO - Boston helping Grandma clean up the house. The child loves playing with the broom.

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