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Monday, August 17, 2009

Defend Glenn Beck!!

The communist green job czar has sicced his little comrades on Glenn Beck because Glenn dared to call our Dear Leader a racist. Sometimes the truth hurts doesn’t it? The Color of Change (what a cute little name) has a campaign going to get all advertisers to remove their ads from Glenn’s Fox News Show. So much for free speech and all that… They have been successful with some ads which in the long run only hurts their companies since Glenn has one of the highest rated shows on Fox News. Some have claimed to “pull their ads” but really only moved them to another Fox News Show which still lines the pockets of the evil right wing mouthpiece also known as Fox News.

As a counter to the government’s attempts to control free speech, yet again, a website Defend Glenn has been developed to keep the truth out in the public domain. Make no mistake – this IS a governmental attempt to control free speech. The communist green job czar is one of the head guys at Color of Change and you can bet he doesn’t do anything without Dear Leader’s approval. Just another way for The One is claim plausible deniability and keep his hands somewhat clean.

Last night I attempted to sign the “Support Glenn” page of the Defend Glenn website but it kept redirecting me to Now for those of you that don’t know, Common Dreams is a catchall for all the Lefty Opinion pieces with very little facts included on the site. Very little doubt that this was another attempt to hack the website of Defend Glenn (another attempt to tamp down free speech). I did notify the website owner and it has been fixed. The website owner reported that earlier someone had linked porn pics to the site in an attempt to discredit and embarrass the users & Glenn Beck. That issue has also been fixed.

Go over and add your voice to those defending Glenn Beck. Let’s show the communists among us that we will not stand for this attack against someone just because they don’t like the message. I’m sure it’s simply a coincidence that Glenn has been researching the Commie Green Job Czar’s connections and is set to expose the ties that bind when he returns from vacation next week…

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