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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Guy!

Today, August 17th, is my favorite little man's birthday! Yes my precious little grandson, Boston, turns 2 today. It's so hard to believe that he is already 2 - it seems like only yesterday that I saw him for the very first time - just minutes after he arrived in this world.

What an absolute joy and a gift from God he is. Our weekly visits and every other week sleepovers are the highlight of my life. You can learn so much from a child - and you can laugh harder than you ever have at just pure silliness. No matter what is going on, just seeing his smiling little face can make all the troubles just melt away.

I look forward to many more weekends and cuddling up in grandma's bed watching Barney, Mickey Mouse or Cars (I don't even mind Barney when I'm watching it with Boston). I look forward to teaching him more and more things - just this weekend I taught him how to say "alligator" (after we saw an alligator in the pond on the golf course) and "I'm two". No matter what goes on in this crazy insane world we now live in, at least I have my little Boston to keep me laughing.

Happy Birthday to my precious little angel!

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