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Friday, August 14, 2009


I am beyond outraged right now. In fact I am so angry that I had to step away from my computer for a while so I would not write a diatribe filled with foul language.

I just listened to the young woman, Katy Abram, who told Arlen Spector that Congress had “awakened a sleeping giant” – cry while talking to Glenn Beck. She was crying over the vile emails, harassing cell phone calls and the overall personal trashing that has been thrown at her since she spoke out. She spoke up and is not being subjected to brown shirted thug tactics of fellow citizens who worship at the altar of Obama.

We saw glimmers of this with the treatment of Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber – the obsession with the politics of personal destruction – without a thought about what is right and moral. Now we’re seeing it brought out in the open and aimed at people who are just speaking out about their opposition to the Obama administration attempts to usurp our rights in the name of “progressivism” (AKA socialism). To just add to the absolute unreality of the situation, the President of the United States of America is not only turning a blind eye to these actions, he is encouraging it. He is sending his “hired thugs” out to silence the opposition. He is out to destroy and discredit the very people that he was elected to serve and protect, just to maintain his power.

We have Congressional members playing right along with the “dear leader’s” directives. Sheila Jackson Lee demonstrated her absolute contempt for the people that she supposedly represents at her recent town hall meeting. She carried on a cell phone conversation while a constituent was asking her a question at a public meeting. We have Congressional members equating dissent with terrorism and invoking the “Timothy McVeigh” card. There can’t possibly be anymore race cards left in the desk as so many have been thrown on the table just over the past month.

Meanwhile we have a media that is beyond reprehensible. The kiss the ring of the Dear Leader and pledge their troth to his service. They ignore the truth that is staring them in the face and just repeat the swill fed to them by Obama’s minions. Can someone tell me why it is okay for GE’s Immelt to be an “advisor” to the President while in charge of NBC and MSNBC? Where the hell is the outcry of conflict of interest and finger pointing about serving as nothing more than a mouthpiece? We were bombarded with 8 years of bleating about Fox News being the tool of the Bush Administration. Now the very same people, who spewed spittle anytime Fox News was brought up, are comfortable with the nefarious connections and dire consequences of having a “state run media”. Make no mistake – that is exactly what NBC/MSNBC is – A STATE RUN MEDIA ORGANIZATION. Yet not a peep out of Congress or any other media organizations.

The Obama Justice Dept dismissed charges against the New Black Panthers who thuggishly intimidated voters. ACORN get more and more of our tax money while their members are being prosecuted and investigated for voter registration fraud and despite their complicity in the mortgage loan implosion. SEIU cretins assault people speaking out against their “Sugar Daddy”. Meanwhile the silence is deafening.

What is it going to take to shake this country out of its Kool-Aid induced Obama-coma? I’m appalled at the obvious acquiescence of so many to government control of our lives just for the sake of sitting on our asses and taking handouts from Big Brother. Come on people – do you really think you are going to get something for nothing? Is the loss of freedom and privacy worth the rationed healthcare being offered to us? Not to me and obviously not to many others based on the turnout at the town halls and current polling.

Sadly for many, there is no hope. People scream from the rooftops but the zombies just keep on taking their tobacco smoke enemas with smiles on their faces. They accept the pabulum dished out by Obama’s media puppets and say “thank you sir – may I have another.” They will remain in their Obama-coma until their lives are ended courtesy of Obamacare Euthanasia.

To borrow a bumper stick slogan from Obama – THIS IS OUR TIME! Time for those of us that love our country, and the Constitution it was built on, and say NO MORE! No more lies, no more money, no more socialism and no more loss of freedom. We didn’t start this fight – we actually stood by and let it happen – but by God we will finish it. Those of us that believe in God and Country have passed the “smile and take it” point. As Katy Abrams said “You have awakened a sleeping giant.”

So ignore us and dismiss us at your own peril. We will not be silenced and we will not cower to the threats and intimidation tactics endorsed by our own President. Call us names and smear us with the politics of personal destruction. It’s too late – we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

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