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Thursday, December 24, 2009

GA Gov Joins the Fray Over Obamacare

GA Governor Sonny Perdue has asked that GA Attorny General Thurbert Baker join with his colleagues from other states in demanding a review of the constitutionality of the health care reform bill.

Here's a snip from the letter...

Yesterday, seven Attorneys General from across the country confirmed that they are looking at the constitutionality of these special deals. As I have considerable concerns over the constitutionality of these recent actions, I respectfully request that you join your colleagues from Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas and Washington state in investigating the constitutionality of these special exemptions in the health care legislation and explore the availability of any legal challenges that Georgia could pursue to oppose this unconscionable scenario.

Congress appears to be on the cusp of making a decision that will have ripple effects for decades to come. Now is the time to ensure that any decision that is made has been thoroughly vetted and deemed to meet the intent and spirit of our country’s Constitution.

Will continue to watch this closely. I am proud of Gov Perdue for taking a stand for Georgians and the Constitution.

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