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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tiger and Obama - It's All About Branding

I'll admit it - I have been following the whole "Tiger Woods is a Skank Chasing Cheater" saga since Fox News broke in with the "Tiger Woods Seriously Injured in Car Accident" headline. It is such a letdown when someone you admire turns out to be not just human but a cretin also. Unfortunately his wife and children will be the ones to suffer.

In the meantime, there is a GREAT Article by Lisa Schiffren over at American Thinker -Tiger, Barack, and the Law of Transitivity. Schiffren compares the marketing strategies used by Tiger's camp over the years and the Obama campaign's use of the same tactics. It is truly a must read but here is a snip that really struck me...

Ultimately, Woods is an exceptional golfer with a character problem. Barack Obama, by contrast, is not an exceptional, or even particularly competent, leader. But because so many politicians, interest groups and factions have an interest in his continued presence, no one is ready to reveal the man behind the curtain just yet.

One of the commenters posted this blurb from an April 2009 interview with Desiree Rogers in the Wall Street Journal and it really drives home the point of how the Obama "mystique" was nothing more than a slick marketing ploy...

" ‘We have the best brand on Earth: the Obama brand,’ Rogers says. ‘Our possibilities are endless.' With her direct access to the first couple and unparalleled connections to White House staff, as well as D.C. and Chicago power brokers, Rogers is considered by many to be the key to Brand Obama. She stands at the center of the careful marketing of the first family and an administration-wide effort to make the White House appear a hip and accessible abode. Mrs. Obama’s press team manages a media blitz that includes cover shots on People, Vogue and Oprah’s O magazine, among others, while Rogers controls the day-to-day development and execution of the brand. The former marketing executive must create a White House that helps Americans visualize Mr. Obama’s campaign promises of change and transparency."

Unfortunately those blinded by the great marketing scam have saddled our country with a President who is doing his best to destroy this country and usurp our Constitution. Fortunately for those of us that love our country, the koolaid's effects are starting to wear off and people are coming out of their Obama-coma. Hopefully the ship can be righted before it takes on too much water.

Meanwhile here is a hysterical clip from last weekend's SNL riffing off of Tiger, his wife and the meme that his wife beat him with the golf club causing him to streak off in the middle of the night and hit a fire hydrant. No I don't condone spousal abuse but you gotta admit this skit is funny...

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