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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Economic Jihad Against Glenn Beck

Tim Robbins' perception of "the chill wind blowing across America" is finally coming true.  It has reached a point where I have to pinch myself on a daily basis to ensure that I am not in the midst of a bad dream.  For 8 years we had to put up with some of the nastiest, most vile comments about the President of the United States that have ever been uttered aloud, much less broadcast all over the tv, radio and printed in the newspaper.  We were all told to sit down and take it since it was simply an expression of "free speech".  I don't know how many times I had to restrain myself from throwing something at the TV or computer when a talking head or so-called pundit was bleating out hatred.  I didn't think it could get worse than that.  Boy was I wrong.

Now we have an administration that is so hell bent on controlling the masses, they will stop at nothing to shut up anyone who speaks out against this President or his policies.  They trash talk, demean, mock and denigrate those that refuse to toe the socialist party line with terms like "tea-baggers".  This administration is not shy about calling in their chits and utilizing any of their minions to accomplish their dirty deeds.  Even worse, this administration makes no attempt to hide their part in the "contain and control process". They seem to relish it - almost taunting those they seek to destroy.

The administration has a problem with conservative talk radio.  Obama was consistently whining about Hannity during the campaign.  Shortly after his inaugueration, Obama warned the GOP'ers in Congress to avoid listening/following Rush Limbaugh.  Neither one of those "shut-up" campaigns worked.

Now the administration has declared an economic jihad against Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck has been at the forefront of exposing the absolute corruption and marxist connections of the Obama administration. He has not been shy about speaking out about Obama's plans and policies.  Beck exposed Van Jones, the Green Jobs Czar, before any of us "regular joes" even knew who Van Jones was.  The audio tapes of Jones spouting Marxist nonsense were impossible to refute - after all - it was Van Jones himself doing the talking.  So what is an avowed communist and his friends in high places to do?  Why not declare a boycott using Jones' organization - "The Color of Change".

Contrary to leftist spew, Beck exposed Jones BEFORE the boycott.  The faux outrage over Glenn Beck implying that Obama's behavior and words about the Cambridge PD was racist had nothing to do with the boycott calls.  It was because Beck was getting a bit too close for comfort.  You know the Leftist mantra - cry racism and play the race card before any damage can be done.

Glenn Beck exposed ACORN by giving Andrew Breitbart a national forum for the undercover tapes and highlighting some of the hijinks of SEIU.  What could SEIU and Andy Stern do? Hmmm - how about a boycott?  When Beck explained to his HUGE audience exactly what "social justice" really meant and how Obama and his advisor Jim Wallis were trying to get their socialist claws into those simply wanting to do good for those in need, Wallis began another campaign of hate.  Imagine HIS surprise when the tables got turned on him by Beck and Wallis was exposed as nothing more than a marxist shill for the Obama One World Plan.

None of this worked.  Glenn Beck consistently tops the ratings - not only at his tv timeslot -but in a head to head matchup against such "heavyweights" as Olberman.  His live appearances sell out and his books still fly off the shelf.  The radio show remains right in line behind Limbaugh and Hannity.  Keep in mind that every single one of the individuals AND their organizations have direct ties to Obama.  Impossible to pull a Sgt Shultz and claim "I know nuth-ing!" when the connections are obvious.

So now what?  Well call in the mighty mite of Congress and use a House Dem to claim collusion and bilking of investers.  Rep Anthony Weiner has deemed that having Goldline advertise on Glenn Beck's radio show while Glenn admits to using Goldline prior to bringing them aboard as advertisers (and still uses the company) is a matter for the SEC and FTC to investigate.  I had no idea that it was against the law to support advertisers that pay for ad time on your show.  Apparently Weiner is outraged that Glenn Beck would dare talk about his fears for our economy while having Goldline as an advertiser.  What's next Mr. Weiner - calling for an investigation against Lifelock because they incite fear of identity theft?  I imagine Mr. Weiner is going to shoot blood out of his eyeballs when he realizes that Freedom Works is now one of the advertisers on the radio show.

In all seriousness, this is serious.  This makes FOUR - yes count 'em - FOUR- organizations/people attempting to shut Glenn Beck up (that we know of) connected to the White House.  I hear no cries of "freedom of speech" from those quick to invoke it during the Bush Derangement Syndrome days of yore.  Like most Progressive ideals, the idea of freedom of speech is only for the Left or when you say something that follows their party line.  Can you imagine what fire and brimstone would be raining down if President George W. Bush had attempted to muzzle his critics??

We're quickly reaching the tipping point - the dreadful point of no return.  We have a mainstream media that sits on its thumbs and refuses to report anything other than the talking points from the White House.  We have an out of control administration that is not afraid to use thuggery and bribery to get their agenda passed.  And now they are working their backsides off and pulling out all the stops to shut down dissenting opinions. 

The one saving grace is that the Regular Joes and Marys of this country are starting to wake up.  Unfortunately until the media grows a hairy pair and goes back to journalism 101, it is up to honorable men like Glenn Beck to continue to expose the charlatans in our midst.  And up to use to have his back.

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