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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forget Nagin, et al - I Want to Know What Happened to THIS Guy!

Oh the media is in a tizzy reliving the horrors of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Forget that a great deal of the "horrors" were plain old lies spread to fire up the masses - remember the reports about all the dead people in the 'Dome? Forget that no matter how hard fingers point at President Bush, there are many more fingers pointing at Ray "where's the buses" Nagin and Ex-Gov Blanco and their incompetence. I don't even want to know how much money we have dumped into New Orleans yet people are still complaining about not having enough. You certainly don't hear that from the people that suffered a direct hit from Katrina in Mississippi. And dear Martha don't get me started about the over-the-top hysterics of Geraldo and Shep Smith.

But there is one person that I am wondering about. His picture was splashed all over the Internet following Katrina but we haven't heard anything about him since those dark days. Is he still alive? Does he have enough beer? So forget all the schmaltzy remembrances with the talking heads from the lamestream media and such - the burning question should be....


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