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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free at Last! Free at Last!!

Oh Happy Day! I am now divorced from the sub-human that I used to call my husband. We ended up having to go to Court because we could not come to an agreement on the settlement. It was nerve-wracking but also quite cathartic. My attorney and I had decided that we would not open the can of worms about my depression - I wanted the hearing to be simply about the money because the marriage was deader than Teddy Kennedy.

BUT the ignorant fool that I used to be married to brought it up in his testimony. Big mistake cause then I was able to get it on the record in the court transcripts about him hooking up with his ex-wife, Diane Tryan, for "special surprises" and tan-line comparisons which led to a major fight that ended in me attempting to slit my wrists about 8 years ago. Jerk actually testified that I called it a suicide attempt but he thought it was just me trying to get attention. You should have seen the judge's face when he said that - I wish I could have taken a picture for my scrapbook.

Anyway - all I'm waiting on is the judge to issue his settlement in writing. I am just hoping that it is fair - it's never been about the money. It's about forcing someone to face responsibility for all the pain they deliberately inflicted on another human being. Meanwhile, the arse-wipe that I used to call my husband is crying on his facebook page about how my mom lied on the stand. WTF??? Hello moron - my mother simply told the truth while you lied like the stinking piece of cow dung that you are. He lied so much that I was truly afraid we were all going to be incinerated by the flames when lightning struck him.

So - I'm back in all my glory. Bruised with scars but fiestier than ever. I've learned a lot these past 20 months - and I've learned that I don't have to take crap from no one! Watch out world - Chickenhawk Express is back in business and she will take no prisoners and show no mercy.

And Herby Boyd - you can kiss my big old round white ass!

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