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Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR Has Awakened A Sleeping Giant

I bet NPR is really sorry that they kissed CAIR's backside and fired Juan Williams. They are getting hammered from one end to the other and it shows no signs of letting up.

Personally, Juan Williams was simply telling the truth about what many Americans feel - whether or not we have the courage to say it out loud- about our emotions taking over whenever we get on an airplane in this post 9/11 world. Juan just happened to say it on the dreaded FOX News which is what earned him this punishment.

And let's not forget all the advice to "pay attention to our surroundings" and "notify someone if you see suspicious activity" from Homeland Security. Even without the DHS advisories, it tends to be human nature to pay closer attention to certain characteristics after a tragedy. How many people can truly say that after Columbine they didn't get weirded out when seeing someone in a long black trenchcoat? After living in OKC during the Murrah Building bombing, any Ryder truck set my teeth on edge. Does that mean I'm bigoted against black trenchcoat wearing people or people that rent Ryder trucks. NO - it's a natural reaction to tragedy.

But this politically correct crap regarding Islam is really starting to wear thin. First the Ground Zero mosque and now this. Why is it NOT okay to say something about Islam but mocking/ridiculing Christianity or the Jewish faith is considered fashionable? Frankly this politically correct crapola about Islam will be the death of us yet.

I do have to thank NPR and CAIR for bringing this issue to the front page especially at this time of year. This censureship in the name of Islam has only stirred up the fire for those that were starting to experience campaign fatigue or election overload. Hard to imagine but the firing of Juan Williams has awakened a tired sleeping giant that is sick of the double standards and politically correctness saturating our country.

Here's a great interview of CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper by Megan Kelly this afternoon. I love how he tries to get her to slip a "juan williams" in there so CAIR would have a gotcha moment but Megan is too smart to fall for his ploy. Hat tip to The Right Scoop for the video!!

For a great roundup of all things Juan Williams and NPR, check out The Anchoress. As always, she is on top of the story!!

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