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Thursday, November 24, 2011

My List of Unusual Thanks

On Thanksgiving we all think about what we are thankful for.I have so many blessings that it would take pages to list them all. So this year I decided to list the most unusual things that I am thankful for. This list/post is not meant to downplay the true blessings in my life or to mock the meaning of the day. I just thought that with all the heavinesss surrounding our lives,a little lightness was in order. So here goes. Some may sound strange but I bet there are some you can identify with... 1. Keurig coffeemaker - I can make a cup of fresh brewed coffee or tea anytime of the day or night and don't have to clean a coffeepot or tolerate warmed over coffee. 2. Luggage with wheels - now that I'm single those little wheels are a lifesaver when I travel. 3. Yoga pants - now I can be comfortable while working at home but still look nice enough to run errands if I need to. Plus you don't have to deal with the terribly unflattering sweat pants or the crinkle-while-you-walk of windsuit pants. 4. Bounce dryer bar - don't have to suffer through the humiliation of dropping a used dryer sheet from your pants leg when out in public 5. Gas powered lawnmower - after using a rotary pushmower to cut my little yard the past 2 summers, thisis truly a blessing for me and my neighbors who no longer have to watch me struggle while sweating like a cottonpicker in the deep south in August. 6. The E-Reader lending library in my town - as an avid reader I can enjoy my Nook Color without spending a small fortune buying books. 7. Pizza & Other type of delivery food - when the cupboard is bare, when a work deadline is looming or if I just don't feel like cooking, I can pop online and order/pay for the food to be delivered right to me with no mess or cleanup. 8. Digital cameras - now i don't have to use up a whole roll of film and have it developed only to discover that you blurred that once in a lifetime moment - like the time I got to meet Dwight "the catch" Clark and the picture didn't turn out. 9. Ebay - the source of some of the most unusual and unforgettable gifts I have ever given. Like the Mr. Clean "doll" for my brother who was petrified by Mr. Clean when we were growing up or the Halliburton golf balls I ffound for my Daddy. 10. last but not least- Twitter and Facebook which have allowed me to connect with people I haven't seen in years or would never in a million years have a chance to communicate with. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

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