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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Never Underestimate the Power of Stupidity

I've had a couple of weeks to sit back and lick my wounds over the results of the 2012 Election. I quarantined myself from talk radio and conservative news websites because I just could not bear to read/hear the self-flagellation of conservatives for failing to deliver on a much needed new direction for this country.  Despite my self-imposed exile, I could not avoid bits and pieces of news clips and stories proclaiming to have the REAL answer for the reason for the loss.  Typically all the high-brow know-it-alls have it completely wrong.  The loss had nothing to do with messaging, the wrong candidate or moderation.  The loss was solely about the absolute ignorance of the majority of this country's population.

What else could explain the fact that people voted to continue down the road to fiscal ruin?  Not just our country's fiscal ruin but our own personal fiscal nose-dive.  Groceries are ridiculously high, gas (while trending down at the moment) costs more than it did 4 years ago, home values are in the toilet and wages are sinking as fast as the Titanic. Don't even mention the fact that our country is in debt so far over our head that it will be generations before we can balance the spreadsheet- if we even survive as a country long enough to get there.

Only abject ignorance would propel people to vote simply based on a candidate's skin color - it's not racism, it's stupidity. It's the years of mental beat-downs by racecard flashing media whores who blamed skin color for failure to achieve success instead of the absolute idiocy of sitting on your ass and waiting for someone else to hand it to you.  It's the fallacy of believing that you are entitled to something because over a hundred years ago someone with the same skin color as you was treated poorly.

Voting with your "lady parts" or your dreams of a gay wedding can only be defined as ignorance in the voting booth.  No one with any shred of intelligence can believe that a vote for a candidate could mean a ban on birth control or change the definition of marriage. I do have to hand it to the political power brokers. It was a masterful stroke of political manuevering against a population of those with no ability or desire to think for themselves.

Stupidity is what gives celebrity endorsements the edge in the current political climate.  How else can you explain a multi-millionaire celebrity bemoaning the inequities of the 1%?  How stupid do you have to be to believe that someone serving $3000 bottles of champagne or forking over $35K per person at a fund raiser would even truly care about someone making $10/hr - unless you are spending some of that $10/hr pay for one of their celebrity products?

No amount of messaging could overcome such a level of ignorance.  Not when you've got people touting "Obama-phones", "free" healthcare, government bailouts and entitlements out the whazoo as the reason for continuing down the path of self-destruction.  There is no perfect candidate to defeat the abject idiocy of those that believe the government can take better care of us than we can take care of our ourselves.

Those that supported the Romney/Ryan ticket failed to remember the most important thing - Never underestimate the power of stupidity.  Now we are all going to suffer for THAT ignorance.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding political assessment Robin. Our voting Ignorance has just changed the face of our country to such a degree that we may never see common sense in our government again! The politicians have no incentive to sacrifice or "do the right thing for the right reasons" any longer.They all know sensationalism will override reality, and they have no fear of failure. This has and will cost the common people more than we can afford to give and, when we say no more they will bastardize us as radicals. It is already beginning and I fear it will never end.

Our founding for fathers (in my opinion) never envisioned that our country would allow so many politically uneducated individuals to cast a vote.

A tremendous number of our countries politicians have invested big dollars in the future health care construction plan. They are all about to cash the hell out even a few at the supreme court level. They should lose every dollar they invested and be thrown in prison for the remainder of their terms. I call these people political and capital terrorist. They should be treated like any other terror cell in the world. What they are doing is the pure definition of government espionage. Trading government information for personal gain and benefits is espionage. It would be no different if I an; Airborne Paratrooper in Afghanistan called a family that had planted a IED and said you need to hide your family we know what you did now pay me!I could be executed or imprissoned for life! To me it is so similar it is scary!

Robert "the infidel" Garding said...

I totally agree with you Robin and also to Anonymous who commented above. We have sent this country into a direction that is not compatible with the way this country was founded. What amazes me now, is that this has gone far enough that we are now called Traitors and terrorists for our ideals on what the Constitution says.

Now, this amazement to me is still there even though I have watched this direction being headed towards for all of my sixty years.....the one notable exception is when Reagan took office and swung this country back to the right. But since then I have watched as the democrats push the agenda that we are in a horrible economy when the republicans are in charge, and in a great economy when the democrats are in charge. NO MATTER WHAT THE ECONOMY IS DOING!......but the thing that amazes me more than anything, is the fact that no one speaks up, when something profoundly dumb and wrong is said by Obama or some other politician. When I figure that one out, maybe I will understand. But until then, I do not understand why we are so certain we want our freedoms taken away by politicians who are NOT our friends.

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