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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Genocide That is Getting Minimal Attention

The world continues to burn - Israel is defending itself from terrorists, the UN and the Obama administration, Russia continues to fight against Ukraine, the Obama administration is sending illegal alien "children" en mass to states without even notifying the governors (lots of states with Republican Governors - hmmmm).

Meanwhile, there is a genocide going on in Iraq that has received very little media attention, minimal condemnation from the UN, literally nothing from the Obama administration and doesn't even have a Twitter hashtag campaign.  It is a genocide against Christians by that so-called religion of peace and the terrorists of ISIS (or ISIL or whatever the hell these disgusting POS are calling themselves now).

Mosul is rich with Christian history and was once the home of the largest Christian population in Iraq. Now for the first time in the history of Iraq, there are literally NO Christians in Mosul. The "Islamic State" declared that non-Muslims who wanted to continue to live in the "Caliphate" had 3 choices - convert to Islam, pay the jizya (a tax paid by non-Muslims - like protection money to the mob) or the sword.  Well the exact wording from the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was "if they refuse they will have nothing but the sword".

The homes of the Christians were marked with a the Arabic symbol for Christians (sounds like the Nazis with their marking of Jewish homes with the Star of David).
A house in Mosul tagged with the Arabic letter “Nun” for “Nassara” (Christians in Arabic) and another with “property of the Islamic State”.
 Property was seized - homes, vehicles, possessions (including fingers cut off for the rings) - by the terrorists. The Mosque of the Prophet Younis (Jonah) was destroyed. Churches have been burned, the 1800 year old Mar Behnam monastery was seized and an orthodox Cathedral was turned into a mosque.

Mosul Chaldean Cathedral burned down by ISIS
People were forced to leave with only what they were wearing - everything else became property of the "Islamic State".  Some Christians- that were too old or infirm to leave- converted to Islam in order to live.

It's hard to find condemnation from the usual bastions of bloviating condemnation such as the UN.  Take this statement from The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov...

"The systematic persecution of minorities, the destruction of cultural heritage and the obliteration of some of Iraq's most ancient landmarks, sacred to both Islam and Christianity, show ISIL's total contempt for human values.  Such acts must be unequivocally condemned both by the international community and Iraq's political, religious and civic leaders"

"This most recent outrage is yet another demonstration of the terrorist group's intention to shatter Iraq's shared heritage and identity", Mr. Mladenov further stated, adding that ISIL members' horrific crimes, including torching and destroying churches and mosques, as well as other symbols of Mosul, should further urge Iraq's political elite to set aside their differences and restore their country's integrity."

Ouch - that's gonna leave a mark.  I saw more outrage from the UN when the Iraqis were looting Saddam's palaces back during the early moments of the Iraq war.  Meanwhile the UN gave Hamas back those missiles that were being stored in the UN Schools in Gaza.

I have yet to locate any specific statement made by President Obama regarding the genocide of the Christians in Iraq.  The Blaze did have a statement from Steven Feldstein, deputy assistant secretary with the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor...

“Persecution of Christians and other minority groups is a top priority for us,” Feldstein said. The State Department had already obligated over $136 million to Iraqis in the 2014 fiscal year.
“We’re meeting with those in vulnerable communities, religious representatives and leaders in the region,” Feldstein said. “We’re looking to fully engage to the extent possible to assist those who have been persecuted by ISIL.”

Pretty mealy-mouthed if you ask me. But what do you expect from an administration that chastises Israel but forks over billions in US taxpayer money to Hamas.

Instead of sending illegal alien gangbangers to the various states in order to change the voter demographics, maybe we should be giving refuge to the Iraqi Christians. I think they meet the criteria for refugee status - much more so that those serving as mules or distractions for the drug cartels.

And just a reminder to those dismissing this genocide as part of the natural order of the world in these times -

"In his daily homily Pope Francis reflected on the end times, saying that faith will be increasingly pushed out of the public square and that persecution of Christians is a "prophecy" of what is to come" - 11/28/13.

Please pray for the safety and freedom of Christians throughout the world.

photos from BareNakedIslam

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