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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Moonbats Express Their Sentiments on the Deaths of 5 Contractors

Just when you think the moonbats could not sink any lower... Taking up the mantle from Emperor KOS, the inmates at Huffington Post express their true feelings over the deaths of 5 contractors in Iraq. Hat Tip to LGF
Get your barf bucket ready...

There are US (coalition) forces, there are Iraqi forces (police and military), there are Iraqi militias (illegal and quasi legal), there are foriegn insurgents, and there are foriegn mercenaries like these.I see no legal distinction between Blackwater and the Mahdi Army.

finally, good news from Iraq.

Why not call these "Private Security" contractors what they really are? Mercenaries. Private security contractor dead. Sad.Mercenary dead. who cares?

Mercs? Fuck 'em.Just like when Blackwater goons were pimped as "our poor fighting boys" back in '04 and their bodies were strung up on a bridge in Fallujah. Then they were allegedly "guarding food"... yeah, I'm sure that food shipments need to be guarded by heavily armed merc goons on search and destroy missions (conveniently outside the purview of the rules of engagement for actual US military personnel, of course).While actual grunts making peanuts have to beg and plead for gear to keep from getting thier butts shot off, scumbags like Blackwater soak taxpayers for billion$, and are equipped and armed to the teeth.I'll be damned if I'll cry for them.

Excellent! You go Allah!

I love it when the bad guys are killed. I hope they burned for a while.....a proper entre' to the hell they are continuing to worship.

See you mercs in hell and I hope your families choke on that blood money.

how sad these portly fucks are now char-broiled dudes in the desert...and they had just received their transfer orders to New Orleans...Heil!

This was a response to a post from Tom2007 who claimed to be a Blackwater Employee....

tom2007 You are a murderous whore, and your pimp is Exxon, BP and Shell. How dare you presume righteous arrogance, as if you were true holier than thou patriot, you'd be in US government's armed forces. I'm truly regretful that my tax dollars are lining your bloody pocket.

Not ones to be left out of the nastiness, the DUmpers contributed their own venomous bile to the pile of crap...

No they are just "swept away" like leaves in the wind. Live fast, die youngThese people are really scumbags---killers for hire $$$$$

Maybe they meant Rest In Pieces

Fuck the mercs - they get paid too much for these risks - it's part of their "job"'s about time they paid the piper for their WAR CRIMES...

I won't shed any tears over them.............they know what they're getting into and they delight at killing others for money.

No loss. Sad for their families, though (assuming their families didn't exactly enjoy the 'rewards' of their war-profiteering - if they did, and support this illegal war, then I have zero sympathy).

And these people are the ones influencing the Democrat agenda... But don't forget- they support the troops. Sick Sick Sick and Sad.

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