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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Six Degrees of Mr. Green Helmet

Mr. Green Helmet (aka Salem Daher) has become quite a celebrity thanks to his being in the right place at the right time. Earlier this week it was the German magazine, Stern, that did an interview with Mr. GH. Friday the Washington Post via the AP's Cathy Gannon got in on the act...

"But that isn't true," he told The Associated Press. He is not affiliated with any party, he said. "I am just a civil defense worker. I have done this job all my life."

"After hours of digging, Daher emerged with the youngest victim. In a parched voice, he shouted something in Arabic and held the child up for the photographer."

Mr. GH portrayed the display of the baby with the blue pacifier as just a one time moment to give the photographers the picture they wanted. But the multitude of pictures of Mr. GH holding up the dead baby as if it were a trophy tells a completely different story. As do the multiple pictures of Mr. GH wandering all over the area in Qana with various dead children in his arms.

Gannon completely ignored the video that came out Thursday that proves the Mr. GH is much more than just a "simple rescue worker". He is the lead director of Hezbollah's propaganda photography unit. To attempt to portray him as anything else is on the level of the doctored and staged photos - a terrorist enabling lie.

Speaking of the media, it seems that Daher is a popular name for reporters and photographers covering the Hezbollah side of the fighting. The AP has a photographer named Lutfallah Daher who just happened to be in a convoy that was hit by Israeli bombs this week. Lutfallah was evacuating his family from the city of Marjayoun. According to CBS News ...

"Daher lives in Marjayoun and was fleeing with his wife in one car. His mother, brother, sister-in-law and their child were in another car. None was harmed."

In a stunning coincidence, a Reuters reporter was also in the convoy. Her name is Karamallah Daher - gee same last name as Mr. Green Helmet AND the AP Photographer. Another coincidence - Marjayoun, the town that both Mr. and Ms. Daher were fleeing, is the hometown of Mr. Green Helmet. (He now resides in Tyre).

As if the circle involving the reporter, the photographer and the rescuer was not enough, the MD in Tyre that facilitated the mass burial a few days before the Qana incident was Dr. Hassan Daher. According to this story...

"Dr. Hassan Daher said the morgues have simply run out of room. "We can't preserve them, and there are no places in the refrigerator. That is why we should temporarily bury them. After that, their families will take them home," he said. This is the second mass burial in Tyre since the bombing started, but Dr. Daher says it will probably not be the last."

From what I could glean from researching info on the 'Net, Daher is a fairly common name in Lebanon. But when you start adding up all the "coincidences" the sum total is a big fat question mark. But don't count on the media to bring it to your attention - unless the answer involves parading dead children around as propaganda trophies.
(Hat tip to Newsbusters for the initial info)

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