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Friday, November 10, 2006

Now the GOP Losers Are Blaming Bush

The GOP Congressional members have got a lot of nerve. After months of refusing to stand up for the President and playing nice with the Left, some GOP'ers in Washington are blasting President Bush for not doing enough to help them win re-election. Some are whining that the departure of Rumsfeld should have happened prior to the election so it would give the GOP in Congress a better chance of winning the election. From The Hill...

Members and staff still reeling from Tuesday's rout are furious about the administration's decision to dump the controversial defense secretary one day after their historic loss, they said in a series of interviews about the election results.

"The White House said keeping the majority was a priority, but they failed to do the one thing that could have made a difference," one House GOP leadership aide said Thursday. "For them to toss Rumsfeld one day after the election was a slap in the face to everyone who worked hard to protect the majority."

Exit polling suggested that an overwhelming majority of voters disapproved of the administration's handling of the war in Iraq, and members and aides were frustrated with the timing of the announcement because an earlier resignation could have given them a boost on the campaign trail, they believe.

"They did this to protect themselves, but they couldn't protect us?" another Republican aide said yesterday

Grow up you pansy ass mama's boys. We have been asking you for 2 years to act like Conservatives and to dump the RINO schtick. You avoided the President on the campaign trail. You sided with the DNC more than the GOP and now you want to blame the President?

Back in 2005, I wrote An Open Letter to Congressional Republicans. I gave them fair warning about what to expect...

Despite being the majority party, the Republican Congress has been mired in political correctness. Minimal changes have been made. Instead of taking the lead, the Republican Congress has laid down in the middle of the road. Appeasement and basically fear of later retribution at the polls have lead the Republican members of Congress to behave like the minority party.

It is time for you, the Republican Congressmen, to stand up and act like the majority party. You are in charge and you have the power. To heck with the “spirit of bipartisanship” – where has that gotten us? Do the Democratic Congressmen want to work together as a team? Forget this idea of making sure the minority has a voice. That’s why they are the minority. We voted to give YOU the voice.

The Republican members of Congress that are setting themselves up for a run for the White House in 2008 may as well concede right now. You cannot stand up for Republican values in Congress. How do you expect Republicans to trust you with the White House? Several of you may have a better chance running as a Democrat than vying for the Republican nomination.

In March 2006, I gave the GOP Congressional Members another piece of advice...

President Bush has been subjected to horrendous insults, name calling and just out and out hatred. Has anyone in the GOP Congress defended the President? The only person that comes to mind is Vice President Cheney responding to Sen. Leahy on the Senate floor. Where were the Republicans in Congress when President Bush absorbed all of the blame for Katrina? They were standing right beside the Dems pointing their fingers at the President. Where were the GOP Congress members when President Bush was trying to shore up Social Security? They were hiding behind Hillary’s overly large ankles. “No Child Left Behind” did not get the funding it needed, but the Congress got a raise. Instead of getting the facts on the Dubai Port Deal, the GOP in Congress danced like chickens on a hot plate to Sen. Schumer’s music.

Instead of blaming the President, those that lost out on Tuesday need to look in the mirror and take a big ole dose of accountability. That is where the blame should be firmly placed. And to those aides crying about the timing of Rumsfeld's resignation - Go Cheney Yourself!

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