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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Will Janet Reno Be the Next Ramsey Clark?

Lookie Here... Another former Clintonista pops up and demands rights for terrorists. From Breitbart News...

Former Attorney General Janet Reno and seven other former Justice Department officials filed court papers Monday arguing that the Bush administration is setting a dangerous precedent by trying a suspected terrorist outside the court system.

Talk about setting a dangerous precedent - Waco, Elian, ignoring terrorist threats, using the legal option to fight terrorism, yada yada yada.

It was the first time that Reno, attorney general in the Clinton administration, has spoken out against the administration's policies on terrorism detainees, underscoring how contentious the court fight over the nation's new military commissions law has become. Former attorneys general rarely file court papers challenging administration policy.

Only the whacked out Leftist ones, like the former AG that is now Saddam Hussein's attorney - Ramsey Clark.

Some of the eight attorneys named in the document are now in private practice and represent detainees at the military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Most served under President Clinton, though the list includes former U.S. Attorneys W. Thomas Dillard and Anton R. Valukas, who served under President Reagan.

How many of these attorneys are members of the terrorist ass-kissin' Center for Constitutional Rights and the ACLU?

Janet Reno needs to go crawl back under that rock she's been hiding under and leave the fight against terrorism to the grownups. Maybe if Janet had actually done her job we wouldn't be fighting this war now.

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