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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Standing Up to the Bullies

We've all had to deal with bullies at various points in our lives. Bullies are able to find your weakness and beat on it until you are nothing more than a shivering quickering mass of human matter. They disrupt your life while you tiptoe on eggshells trying to stay outta their line of vision. It doesn't have to be physical bullying - words can hurt much more than fists.

Funny thing about bullies though. Most are cowards. The bullying is simply a cover for that streak of yellow running down their backs. Oh sure, some bullies are simply sick individuals that need mental health intervention but overall most are pure chickenshit. As long as the victims bow to the stress, the bully has the power.

Fight back against a bully and you will see what they are really made of. Give them a taste of their own medicine and they'll fold like a cheap card table. Once the cover of power is lost, the bully will move on to another victim. Think back to when you were in school... once the situation between a bully and a victim came to a head, it was like a magic wand was waved. All of a sudden there was no issue.

We got the best example of this courtesy of The View. Rosie O'Donnell just spewed forth her mean comments and outrageous statements like Mt. St. Helens. BUT when Elizabeth fought back with vigor and true outrage Rosie ran away with her tail between her legs. Elizabeth called Rosie out and then let her have it with verbal fists. Suddenly the rabid Rosie vanished and in her place was a subdued downtrodden shell of her former self. The bully lost her power.

This got me thinking about the War on Terror. For years we sat back while the Islamofascists pummeled us. When attacks would come, the US just bent over and said "thank you sir - may I have another". We tried to negotiate. We tried to figure out why they hate us. Meanwhile, the attacks continued. This failure to fight back only led to more attacks which escalated until the tragic morning of September 11, 2001. Since President Bush took action and started fighting back, the terrorist attacks against the US ceased. The terrorists in Iraq are still fighting our soldiers but there have been no more September 11's... no more Khobar Towers...

We gave the terrorists a taste of their own medicine. We showed the terrorists that the bullying would no longer be accepted - in no uncertain terms. And the terrorists did what any self-disrepecting bully would do - ran. Now that we've stood up to the Islamofascists, we must continue fighting back. Any sign of weakness or any hint that we are slipping back into the role of victim is an invitation to the terrorists. It is NOT an option. No matter what the Dems and the MSM say...

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