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Friday, June 01, 2007

Kokesh tells Brigadier General to go "Cheney" himself

Adam Kokesh is on his way to Kansas City for a hearing about his violations of UCMJ codes related to wearing the uniform while at a protest and disrespect to an officer. Before he hit the road in the hippie bus, Kokesh decided to post a letter to Captain Sibert and Brigadier General Moore. Not content to just tell a Major to go f&*@ himself, Adam Kokesh tells Brigadier General Moore to perform the physically impossible task.

If I accept this “plea bargain,” I would have to allow you to punish me for speaking my mind, allow you to say that it is somehow less than honorable for thousands of IRR Marines to exercise their freedom of speech, allow you to silence the voices of those whose experiences are most relevant in the most pressing debate before the nation, and allow you to say that Thomas Jefferson was wrong. If this is your intent, I would ask to please, kindly, go f*** yourself. I will not allow it.

Now tell me why Kokesh would do this. Is he just stupid? Oh no – he’s smart as a fox. Kokesh just rehashed some tricks from The Chicago 7 and the Students for a Democratic Society. You know – raise a ruckus, get in trouble and then bask in the spotlight all the while proclaiming a violation of your free speech rights. Not a surprise since the reincarnation of the SDS, the Movement for a Democratic Society, has been helping out with the IVAW play acting on the streets of Washington DC and NYC.

Ya gotta love the complete and total hypocrisy of this line from Kokesh’s little rant letter

I love the Marine Corps, and to see it abused for political ends makes me sick. You should all be ashamed to call yourselves Marines.

AHEM – take a look in the mirror Cpl Kokesh. You are the one that should be ashamed for disrespecting the uniform and the leaders of the military organization that you volunteered for.

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