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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Marines Recommend General Discharge for Kokesh

Looks like those 30 people protesting in front of the hearing and the anti-war bus had no effect on the USMC. The Marines have recommended a general discharge for Cpl. Adam Kokesh. From Reuters...

The three-member panel at a Marine command center in Kansas City recommended that 25-year-old Marine Cpl. Adam Kokesh be given a general discharge -- one step below an "honorable discharge" and a reflection of "significant negative" conduct.

Marine Col Patrick McCarthy nails it...

This is an administrative discharge for the good of the service," said Marine Col. Patrick McCarthy. "It is not a freedom of speech issue. This is about uniform violation and disrespect to an officer."

Meanwhile Kokesh and his attorney are still whining...

"There's still a First Amendment issue involved," Lebowitz said. "We have a lot to go on if we take it to federal court."

"The less severe discharge means Kokesh probably would not lose health benefits from the military, Lebowitz said. However, it is still a stain on his honor, implying that the reservist was doing something wrong -- which Kokesh denies."

Bring it on Mr. Lebowitz. I relish the thought of public testimony under oath from Kokesh and his comrades. I would like Kokesh to defend his statements about knowing he violated the sanctity of the uniform and how he was mocking the Marines while doing so. Maybe they could ask him about his non-judicial discipline while he's under oath...

It's clear these tactics of intimidation are being used against members of Iraq Veterans Against the War," said Kokesh, who wore a black anti-war T-shirt to the hearing. "Freedom of speech means the right to say what other people don't want to hear."

But freedom of speech does not absolve you from the consequences of your statements. You have to be a big enough person to step up and take responsibility for your statements & the resultant consequences. Kokesh instead choose to hide behind attorneys.

For some idea of how this whole thing may transpire from here, read up on Tom Hayden and the Chicago 7 trial. Everything else the anti-war vets has done is a rehash of the Vietnam protests - why not this?

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