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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Shocker - There Were Insurgents in Haditha in November 2005

Most rational human beings know that Haditha was not a quiet little town going about its day to day business in November 2005. It was truly a hotbed of insurgent activity including a mayor who was linked arm in arm with the terrorists. And let's not forget the frequent guest of the town - none other than Zarqawi. Or the IEDs planted UNDER the asphalt but no resident ever saw anything like that...

Now we have more testimony coming out from Lt. Col. Chessani's Article 32 hearing that confirms the terrorist activity in Haditha on the same day that Marines are accused of killing innocent civilians. From the LA Times (not exactly known for its coverups for the Military)...

Within minutes of the Humvee blast and house-clearing, another group of Marines was engaged in a firefight about 1,000 yards away in a palm grove. That battle left numerous troops wounded and ended with the Marines calling for an airstrike.

As they later reconstructed the events of the day, Marines were convinced that the bombing and the firefight in the palm grove were part of the same attack, Dinsmore testified.Two or three days before the killings, Marines had learned that fighters from Syria were in Haditha, waiting to ambush them, Dinsmore said.

After Humvee blast, Marine officers called for an aerial drone to scan the scene. Once it arrived, the firefight at the palm grove was underway, officers have testified. Among other things, the drone broadcast a picture of an insurgent who had been involved in the palm grove firefight running into a nearby house and emerging with different clothing and carrying a baby. With that image in mind, officers decided that it was logical that insurgents had been hiding in houses and firing on Marines after the explosion that killed Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas.

My oh my... using a baby as a shield? No who would ever imagine such a thing? The Marines who were exposed to this kind of crap on a consistent basis, knew what kind of tricks the terrorists used. Many of these same Marines learned first hand from the terrorists in Fallujah.

This entire farce is nothing more than an attempt by Murtha and his comrades at CodePink to turn public opinion and force the President to withdraw our soldiers in disgrace. Remember Murtha hooked up with Code Pink right around the same time as his "cold blooded killers" speech. After all, we didn't pull the troops out after Abu Ghraib despite the media trying to make that a mountain out of a molehill.

Capt. Dinsmore said it better than I can during his testimony yesterday...

"Politically, the Marine Corps made a decision to hang Col. Chessani out to dry," said Dinsmore, who has served for 20 years and is now deployed to Iraq. He added that he feels the investigation is hurting the corps.

And the media that was so quick to put up headlines about a Marine urinating on a dead Iraqi ... they are almost completely silent about Dinsmore's testimony. There are numerous repeats of the AP wire report but a much shorter version that leaves out specifics in the testimony. Google News shows 32 hits for "Haditha + Dinsmore" but only 11 are related to his testimony yesterday. Google "haditha + murder"... got a little more than 32 didn't ya.

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