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Monday, June 11, 2007

Shilling for Socialism at the Hate Israel Rally

My buddy Jonn over at This Ain't Hell decided to check out the Israel Haters on Parade this weekend. He is a brave soul - I just don't think I could keep my mouth shut at one of these rallies. Jonn took some great pics but this was one of my favorites...

Ask Us About Socialism? I like the explanation on the side of the table except they left off "against freedom", "against individualism", "against capitalism" but more importantly - AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION.

A guy with a belly bigger than my 8 months pregnant daughter debuted the Truthers' new design for the dollar bill...

Meanwhile the terrorists that these morons are marching in support of killed a couple of Red Cross workers in Lebanon today...

Security sources said two members of the Lebanese Red Cross were killed and a third was wounded when they were hit by a shell. A military source said four soldiers were also killed in the fighting.

Where is their outrage over the targeting of relief workers? The Left went ape over supposed targeting of ambulances in Fallujah and in Lebanon last Summer. But now - silence... Oh the hypocrisy!

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