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Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Left Reacts to Osama's Video

The Internet is all aflutter about Bin Laden’s latest video rant. My first thought was the Left must be really embarrassed because Osama sounds like he is running for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination. Then rational thought took over and I remembered that I was talking about the Left. I started thinking about how the Dems would counter this blatant use of Progressive talking points. There are several ways they could respond – 1) ignore it, 2)discount it, 3)blame it on Rove – I mean a GOP operative,4)agree with the Socialist aspects of the rant or 5) simply use it as another excuse to go on an anti-Bush rant.

So I donned my hazmat suit and waded into the swamps of DU and KOS to see what the reactions were.I was pretty damned close on my hypothesis.See for yourself…

Pay No Attention to the Terrorist on the Video
Osama bin Laden is the Unabomber
Having read some reports of Osama bin Laden's latest love letter to America I was struck by how much the guy sounds like the Unabomber. A whackjob who could literally fill hours of tape and hundreds of pages with rants about all the evil people in the world and how he was going to get them.

The Bin Laden Video Nonsense
Sorry.If you're looking for some breathless analysis about another lame videotape, which allegedly contains the latest ramblings of the man behind the 9-11 attacks, this ain't it. It is meaningless bullshit. Why? Because the United States, and the Bush Administration in particular, is not serious about finding and eliminating Bin Laden.
Frankly it would not surprise me to learn that the person appearing as Bin Laden is someone else. What's with the beard dye? Is Bin Laden buying Grecian formula for facial hair? This video just does not make sense in either a strategic or tactical realm. It is simply a f*@$ you to the West.

Rove You Magnificent Bastard

I guess Osama Bin Laden is a Republican
OK, the Bush Administration has made me a bit paranoid about what goes on in our country and in our world. But it just strikes me as suspicious that Bin Laden comes out with a tape that specifically beats up on Democrats, then recommends left leaning reading material. It's like he has a red phone direct to the RNC, and he's gotten his "Democrats are terrorists" talking points memo.

Bin Laden To The Rescue!?!
Once again Osama Bin Laden has put out a video "message" at a critical point in George Bush's presidency. I can hear them cheering in the White House now.

Osama usually pulls this crap near an election to remind Americans of how much he hates George Bush, and to threaten and/or insult us as a people and as a nation.Whenever "Uncle Bin" does this, it results in renewed support and better "numbers" for Bush...and I doubt this is merely a "coincidence".

Mind you, I am certainly not claiming any kind of overt conspiracy in the conventional sense of the word. My sense is that something more subtle, and more insidious has been at play.
There is zero need for any conscious conventional conspiracy; these two have various kinds of perverse incentives to play the roles each does in the other's political "career".

Kyoto Accord?!?! Bin Laden Transcript Stinks to High Heaven. Updated with the first attacks
Since when has bin Laden taken up the cause of environmentalism? Something is fishy here
I first heard some snippets from this new transcript read on RW talker Mark Levin's show, and he would stop ever few lines and say "sounds like Dennis Kucinich", or "sounds like John Kerry." And after a few repetitions of this, I began to think so, too. Too much like them.
It was as if someone was trying to associate these political views with "terrorism".

Just How Stupid Do They Really Think We Are ?
This is no different. Pure unadulterated propaganda and I'm not buying it. I don't think that's Osama Bin Laden in that video either
In any event , I just find it very interesting that with the Anniversary of 911 coming , the Media has , in advance , advertised an Osama Bin Laden Tape and then when the tape comes out , there are no direct threats to our nation , but rather a slam on the Democratic Party.

Aligning progressive arguments with terrorism is the easiest way to
discredit them without actually having to disprove them.

Yup, I think that's it

Just associate OBL with the exact messages that the progressive community uses.
Fits right in with the RW "liberals are with the terrorists" theme.

If that's OBL, I'll kiss your ass in front of the White House

Starting with the 04 tape and now this one, OBL never talked about current events in his tapes, nor did he address American political parties. This tape is a RNC/WH production.

There'll be another one before the election- you can take that to the f@&*ing bank.

This is the "surge" edition.

One would think the "bad guys" in the CIA (Bush bots)

would learn not to be so obvious...wouldn't one.

This tape is a fake, just like the one broadcast just before the '04 elections.
Wake up, sheeple. OBL is dead. Your minds are being manipulated.

Sorry, but he does sound like a Democrat
He's pissed that the Democratic Congress hasnt ended the war as promised..Something that is repeated here daily. He is also concerned about Global Warming and the mortgage crisis...So obviously BushCo has fabricated this video to make the Dems look bad.

I dunno, it sounded like a YearlyKos convention speech
Obviously this is a BushCo planted video...

OH BROTHER! They are recycling the 2004 Robot bin Laden tape!
Sorry, not convinced by this bogus (and very low resolution) "new tape," He's bin Dead since December 2001, which was the last time I saw anything convincing.

Embrace the Marxism
Sorry, Wingnuts, Osama is Not a Leftist

When someone admits the veracity of Noam Chomsky's social and political analysis, that does not mean they are a leftist.

When someone argues that the war in Iraq began largely to help US corporations make money through profiteering and by securing oil resources, that does not mean they are a leftist.

When someone accuses the US government's policy as akin to hegemonic imperialism, that does not mean they are a leftist.

It means they are a realist.

I basically agree with whomever is speaking on the tape
Capital does control events throughout the world and Democrats are powerless to change that..

Bin Laden was dead-on about one thing in his speech.
Bin Laden frequently criticized capitalism, calling its leaders the real terrorists and threats to human freedom.

"This is why I tell you: as you liberated yourselves before from the slavery of monks, kings and feudalism, you should liberate yourselves from the deception, shackles and attrition of the capitalist system," he said.

Even though he is a terrorist, he was right about that. It's kind of funny the Bin Laden can see this, but most Americans can't.

Our Oil Imperialism Caused And Keeps Igniting Islamic
fundamentalism. They have a point. We (and by we - I mean American corporations) are basically stealing from the people of the Middle East.

How dare he appropriate the Left that way.
That sh@* has killed innocent people. He doesn't get to claim the mantle of Bernie Sanders, let alone Eugene Debs.

We got a hold of this run away capitalist before and we can do
it once more. I am a capitalist and believe every one should be able to sell their talent but it always needs control. Any thing goes does not do well any more than state control of all talent works well. As far as I can see the Middle East is capitalist but with a police state hanging over it for to much control in the wrong way.

BDS Alert

Not a fake.
It's simply our bad luck that Osama is clearly more intelligent and more articulate than the knuckledragger that cuts farts in the Oval Office these days.

If would be easy for him to keep up
with our news if he were, say, staying on somebody's ranch in Texas. You know, somebody with whom his family had close ties.

The enemy of my enemy is ?
Isn't it funny how OBL takes DU's talking points? OBL isn't Bush's enemy, we are.

This is One of the Sick Consequences of Bush's Policies
Giving Osama Bin Laden the moral high ground. He can point to the Dems craven politics as just another example of the anti-democratic and immoral USA.

Bush has already destroyed the credibility of the federal government for a generation. Now he's working hard towards undermining all global sympathy for US policy goals


Not to be outdone – Newshounds hits out at Sean Hannity because he (GASP) dared to mention the similarities between Osama’s statements and the Liberals…

Hannity Says Bin Laden Sounds Like Democrats - Twice

Perhaps at a loss as to how to spin the new video of Osama Bin Laden in favor of President Bush, Sean Hannity decided he’d use it to attack his fellow Americans. The self-styled “Great American” proved just what kind of patriot and freedom lover he truly is by twice likening Democrats to Osama Bin Laden. Is there any partisanship more despicable?

And the man with the tinfoil hat bolted to his head, Keith Olbermann, used the occasion to get a few Hannity and Bozell digs in. Brent Baker over at Newsbusters has the info on The Countdown’s nuttiness.

Olbermann Likens bin Laden's 'Rant Without a Point' to Hannity, Crankiness to Bozell

In what he no doubt considered cutting edge humor, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Friday night contended that Sean Hannity, just like Osama bin Laden, “rants without making a specific threat or point,” and MRC President/NewsBusters Publisher Brent Bozell, also just like bin Laden, “makes vague threats, is cranky and has a bad dye job on his beard.”

If you want some sanity after reading this craziness, check out Powerline’s post - Osama bin Chomsky. They nail it to the cave wall.

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