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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Surprise - Dems Already Dissing Petraeus' Report

Congressional Democrats are just so predictable... The very man they voted to run the war is now simply a "puppet" of the Bush Administration. Just like anyone else that doesn't toe the DNC failure line, the Left throws out the "mouthpiece" canard. Per the Washington Times...

Congressional Democrats are trying to undermine U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus' credibility before he delivers a report on the Iraq war next week, saying the general is a mouthpiece for President Bush and his findings can't be trusted.

The latest idiocy from the Dems - calling the Petraeus Report the "Bush Report". Did it take a month of browbeating from the KOS kidz for them to come up with that little gem? Just read the Washington Times today...

"The Bush report?" Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin said when asked about the upcoming report from Gen. Petraeus, U.S. commander in Iraq.

The top Democrats — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California — also referred to the general's briefing as the "Bush report."

"We will see what the Bush report will be at the end of next week," Mrs. Pelosi said.

These moveon morons can't see anything because they are just totally consumed with hatred for President Bush and anything Republican. They are still smarting from President Bush's trip to Iraq this week and the overwhelming support for the CIC demonstrated by the troops.

Rather than embrace the report from the General that is up to his armpits in the situation in Iraq, the Dems would rather pick their own little reports to refer to. No surprise here - the reports they are banking on are less than optimistic. But why would we expect anything else from the Defeatocrats?

Democrats said they put more faith in a report Tuesday by the Government Accountability Office that showed Iraq failed to meet 11 of 18 political and security benchmarks set by Congress.

They also favored an analysis due today by Gen. James L. Jones, former U.S. commander in Europe, that is expected to say security gains have been "uneven" and Iraqi security forces are ill-prepared to stand alone, according to a CNN report.

Madame Speaker had this little nugget for the Washington Times....

"The facts are self-evident that the progress is not being made. They might want to find one or two places where there has been progress ... but the plural of anecdote is not data."
She said Democrats were determined to uncover "the ground truth in Iraq."

Notice the phrase "ground truth in Iraq". Believe me it's no coincidence that the phrase is also the title of one of the anti-Bush, anti-war propaganda videos put together by the Iraq Veterans Against the War. I'm throwing the yellow flag for a poorly disguised use of a talking point.

As far as the Dems trying to uncover the ground truth in Iraq - they wouldn't know the ground truth if it hit them upside their failure obsessed heads. But what do we expect from people that would rather see terrorists win so they can make another notch in the political bedpost.

I would say "Shame on them" but they have demonstrated time and time again that they have no shame.

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