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Monday, June 30, 2008

Clark Under the Bus But VoteVets Attempting a Rescue

The Obama gave ol' Wesley Clark the heave-ho under the campaign bus today. At least Clark has plenty of company - Wright, Pfleger, Resko, etc.

But have no fear - VoteVets and its founder Jon Soltz are riding in for a rescue. They even have started a petition in support of Clark's statement about McCain's military experience...

On Sunday, June 29, General Wesley Clark put into perspective what it takes to lead our nation’s military and veterans – the right judgment. In doing so, he pointed out, quite correctly, that Senator John McCain’s honorable and heroic experience does not necessarily qualify him to be commander in chief, if he does not show the right judgment on the major issues of our time. Sign our petition to General Clark, below, thanking him for speaking honestly and bluntly at this most important time.

Now they want to argue about who has the best judgment? THAT is a softball that can be easily hit outta the park. All ya gotta do is peek under the bus to see just how sound The Obama's judgment is.

BTW - VoteVets fails to note this little bitty fact. Wesley Clark is on the VoteVets Advisory Board and has made numerous appearances in the media as a VoteVets member. It don't count when your own organization gins up support via a petition. Now THAT is lame.

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