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Monday, June 30, 2008

Wesley Clark - Under The Bus With You...

Wesley Clark... just typing his name brings up images of his lovefest with Michael Moore... Yet he gets on TV and blasts McCain for not having "executive" experience while mocking McCain's military service. As if Clark's military service is something to brag about...

But it is a trend that is building up steam on the Left. The Politico reports today on how the Left is attacking McCain's military service in an attempt to boost the political fortunes of The Obama. You gotta scratch your head when you hear Medea Benjamin accuse McCain of war crimes...

"I wouldn't characterize anybody who fought in Vietnam as a war hero," said Medea Benjamin, a co-founder of the theatrical anti-war group Code Pink. "In 23 bombing sorties, there must have been civilians that were killed and there's no heroism to that."

"Anyone who can't look back and admit how wrong it was to be in Vietnam and be killing civilians deserves to be challenged," she said, though she stressed that her group is more focused on McCain's present support for the war in Iraq than on his past.

These are the same people who stood up on their soapbox and declared Kerry fit for President because he had 3 Purple Hearts. They tossed around "swiftboating" as the word du jour and any who spoke in contradiction of Kerry's claims as a Liar. Is this attempt to marginalize and denigrate McCain's military service some sort of perverse lefty pay-back? If so it ain't gonna play well with Mr and Mrs. America. It's one thing to point out the truth about a rice-fanny purple heart and another to mock one's military service that included time at the Hanoi Hilton.

Wonder if the esteemed genius Danielle Allen is doing any research on this latest tactic? Is the WaPo prepping a story on this? Don't hold your breath.

How long before The Obama announces "that is not the Wesley Clark I know" and gives him a ride under the bus with Wright, Pfleger, et al.

Capt Ed over at HotAir has one of the best responses to Wesley's stupid statements yesterday. Michelle Malkin wonders if riding in bumper cars and posing as Superman are qualifications for Commander in Chief.

Those classy KOS Kidz have jumped on the "what's so special about being a POW" meme...

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