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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is the Obama Campaign Imploding?

There are a plethora of video snips from The One's interview with George at ABC that definitely leave one scratching their head about Obama. He is clearly off his mark and is "uhm-ing" a lot more than usual.

First up - the "I was going to join the military then I didn't" claim. Despite almost 2 years of having The One slammed down our collective throats and 2 auto-biographies, this has never been mentioned. Are we really supposed to believe this shameless pander to the military now?

Second - what the Hell is The One trying to say in this video clip about McCain snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? This is really quite an embarrassment for the one with the golden throat...

Third - listen for The One's slip about his "muslim faith". Yes I know he didn't say he was a Muslim but it is definitely one of those classic freudian slips that just belabor the point of The One being off his game. Notice too how he tries to smear the "lower echelons" of the GOP as perpetuating the claim while completely ignoring the fact that his "representatives" have attacked the ever living heck out of Sarah Palin without a word from him. Case in point - Jodie Evans the CodePinko bundler and fundraiser.

Lastly - Chris Wallace lays the smackdown on David "eyebrows" Axelrod on Obama's lack of reaching across party lines. Axelrod is a smarmy little man who just makes my skin crawl.

Put these all together and mix in the reporting of McCain polling higher than The One (yes beyond the margin of error) today and you gotta wonder if we're watching Obama's implosion right before our eyes. Watch out over the next couple of weeks - I believe that some damning Obama info will come to light (anonymously through the Clinton camp) to completely knock The One out of the picture... Either way - it's definitely time for some more popcorn.

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