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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Meltdown on the Left

I have just heard and read a bizarre story of another meltdown in the Lefty blogosphere. This time it's not KOS or Frisch, it's our favorite "Karl Rove Indicted" fella - Jason Leopold. But it's not just Jason. This one involves the infamous VIPS member who is an expert on everything & used the suicide of Karl Rove's mother as a political baseball bat. Yes ladies and gentlemen, enter Larry Johnson.

The most-excellent blogger, Seixon, has been under "attack" from Leopold & Johnson. Seixon pulls no punches in his posts and is not afraid to call a liar "a liar". I've linked to his blog several times and really enjoy reading his posts.

The story is a long one so I'm just going to post the links from Seixon so you can read the whole nasty mess...

The Digital Brown Shirts
Good Luck, Mr. Leopold
Short Summary of Leopold Story
The Shirts Get Browner

Here's a snippet from the latest entry - The Shirts Get Browner...
Johnson laced the email, to a personal account of mine which I do not usually give out and which is not available through Google, with personal details about my family and me. Just like Leopold had done, Johnson repeated my mother’s name, my parents’ address, and even my birth month and year. Obviously Johnson thought this would freak me out and scare me into retracting everything. He concluded the email with:

I am willing to accept a written apology and move on. If you refuse to retract your statements about me I am prepared to ratchet this up several levels. I have not spent the last twenty years working with the U.S. military and the intelligence community to accept this kind of nonsense from a wet-nosed 24 year old coward, who is an armchair warrior but does not have the courage to enlist in the military when his country is at war.

Is that a threat, Mr. Johnson? After I responded, he fired back with this:

I know where you are living. You forget that I do work for the European Union and friends in Interpol. I've offered you a mature way to deal with this situation. You're obviously too immature and inexperienced to recognize the offer for what it is. Too bad.

Is Larry Johnson using his law enforcement contacts to dig up information on me to intimidate me into retracting uncomfortable facts about his involvement with peddling false allegations against a commenter at my blog? Sheesh. So who was the one who dug up everything? Was it John Dean? Was it Leopold? Was it Johnson? Obviously Johnson has the most resources to do such things, as he so aptly says himself.

I've always said that when you push a Liberal into a corner with the facts, they lash back with personal attacks and threats. Obviously Seixon struck a nerve with his digging. That explains the "I know where you live" threats. Wonder how the media will feel about using Johnson as their "go-to expert" now?

Interesting to note - who is the one common thread through all of this? Mr. Valerie Plame, hisself. My, My, My...

I'm popping the popcorn and pulling up a chair for this one... It's gonna be VERY interesting.

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